Do you Know What Kind of Job Will You be doing in next 5 Years ?

We are looking for Engineering students(interns) willing to learn who can eventually contribute !!!

We are US-Indian based startup company, and are driven by innovation. We want to help people make their life easier by enabling technology and contribute to the world by making a safe better place. We are looking for candidates with passion to invent or drive the technology. We are not services or consulting based company. We can mentor candidates but the true potential will depend on the person. At Aniworks you'll have opportunities to apply your skills toward designing, building, and extending interesting and diverse systems.

Relevant skillset 1 :

1. Android, Flutter, Dart, Firebase and IOS. Design/develop widgets in flutter.

2. Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle: concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support.

3. Experience with development for Mobile apps, develop/deploy to play store.

4. Collaborate with the development team and other engineers to build creative high-value solutions that can be released quickly.

Relevant skillset 2 :

1. HTML, CSS, JQuery, Figma, Adobe Illustrator.

2. Designing and building the interface, navigation, and aesthetic of websites for businesses and clients with Figma/HTML.

3. Experience with development for web design prototypes for web and mobile apps

4. Designing engaging and responsive landing pages with CSS/HTML/JQuery.

Relevant skillset 3 :

1. ASP.Net experience, C# or Java

2. Angular or React experience

3. Azure/AWS/Google Cloud experience

4. Experience with development for web applications and mobile apps

5. Zeal to learn and passionate to work in cutting edge technology.

Relevant skillset 4 :

1. Embedded software architecture and design experience using ARM or other microchips.

2. Understanding of the integration of electronics and software into complete systems, including mechanical interaction

3. Experience with Circuits, prototyping design of boards

4. Experience on with small devices like Raspberry or any Iot devices

5.Working knowledge of Linux/Unix or Ubuntu or developed any applications in these environments.

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